how do i check my nsfas application status

how do I check my nsfas application status

how do I check my nsfas application status

nsfas application status how to check on your national student

NSFAS is a government entity under the Department of Higher Education and Training established according to the NSFAS Act (Act 56 of 1999) to provide financial support to disadvantaged students who wish to further their studies at public universities or TVET colleges.

When NSFAS has completed the decision process, they will notify successful candidates via SMS, email, and a link to their myNSFAS account. Through your myNSFAS account, you may track the progress of your application.

You may be anxious about your prospects of being approved if you have not yet gotten a response to your application. Check the status of your application here to see if you’ve gotten any responses as an applicant. Please follow the steps provided in this website’s step-by-step guide.

how do I check my nsfas application status

To check your NSFAS application status:

  1. Log into your myNSFAS account portal.
  2. Enter your ID or username and password.
  3. Click the SIGN IN! button.
  4. Once you log into your account dashboard, click on Track Funding Progress to check your application status.
  5. If your application has been successful, Congrats! If not, better luck next time.

How to apply NSFAS funding

  • Go to and click on “myNsfas account“.
  • Enter your username and password. The username is usually your email address.
  • Click on the “My personal details” tab.
  • Update your cellphone number and/or email address to your current one.
  • Click “Update your details” to proceed.
  • A Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the new number and email address that you have provided.
  • Enter the OTP and click submit.
  • Your details will immediately be updated.

If you’re an applicant with an existing account, you can sign in using your usernames and password or Facebook and Google accounts.

Who qualifies for NSFAS funding?

  • All South African citizens
  • All SASSA grant recipients qualify for funding
  • Applicants whose combined household income is not more than R350 000 per annum
  • A person with a disability: Combined household income must not be more than R600 000 per annum
  • Students who started studying before 2018 whose household income is not more than R122 000 per annum.


To view your NSFAS Wallet cash balance (and transactions):

On your cellphone:

  1. Dial short code *134*176#
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click Send
  4. Select option 2. Query
  5. View cash balance and transactions

On the internet:

  1. Enter the following link in to your browser
  2. Log into your account by typing in your cellphone number and password and clicking the Login button
  3. Click More
  4. Click Transactions
  5. View transactions

Students must ensure that they have access to the cellphone number that they provided to NSFAS when applying for funding. This is because that number will be used to deposit their funds.

READ HERE my nsfas password is blocked

If your contact details have changed then you may update your cellphone number by registering on myNSFAS with your Facebook or Google account and then updating the number. This number must be accessible by you at all times.

For more information on the NSFAS Wallet, click here.

How to Unlock your Wallet?

Like any other system, it always implements anti-fraudulent security features to protect students’ information and privacy.

Sometimes due to entering incorrect password multiple times, in a short period of time.

So if your NSFAS wallet is blocked, follow these easy steps to unblock it and have instant access to your cash allowance.

  • Log into your myNSFAS account and Create a case
  • Submit a certified copy of your ID
  • Provide your active cellphone number
  • Indicate that your NSFAS Wallet is blocked


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