Lovedale TVET College courses 2023-2024

Lovedale TVET College courses 2023-2024

 Lovedale TVET College courses 2023-2024

Lovedale TVET College courses 2023-2024

Lovedale TVET College has a long and illustrious history in South African education. Despite the fact that the institution’s design and direction have changed numerous times over the years, it has remained an educational institution that has always prioritized the needs of the surrounding community.

The Lovedale TVET College now has three campuses, each serving a different community need. The College’s history is intertwined with the histories of each of its campuses: Alice Campus in Alice, Eastern Cape, and King Campus in King William’s Town, as well as Zwelitsha Campus in King William’s Town.

OPENING AND CLOSING DATE: Applications close on 30th November 2023

Campuses of Lovedale TVET College 

  • Alice Campus
  • King Campus
  • Zwelitsha Campus

Documents needed to apply

Lovedale TVET College has not yet published its closing date for applications. Applicants are encouraged to apply online by downloading the application form from the College’s website, filling it out and submitting it along with the following supporting documents:

  • Certified copies of candidate’s ID
  • Latest School Results/Qualifications
  • Certified copies of Parent/Guardian ID
  • Proof of payment of application fee if any

The application fee and payment details are already specified on the form. Once the Lovedale TVET College College Application Portal is closed, new applications will not be accepted.

How to Apply Online for Lovedale TVET College Application 2023

Before Applying, consider these Steps below, and it will lead you to the Lovedale TVET College admission procedures.


Go to –


Create an account and fill in your details here –


Upload your supporting documents and submit

Note: You Will Receive An SMS And EMAIL To Confirm Receipt Of Your Application

Programmes and Courses Offered At Lovedale TVET College

Programmes and Courses Offered

King William’s Town



Business Studies
National Diploma: Public Management (N4 – N6)
National N-Diploma: Financial Management (N4 – N6)
National N-Diploma: Human Resources Management (N4 – N6) – Part-Time
National Diploma: Business Management (N4 -N6)
National N-Diploma: Management Assistant (N4 – N6)
NC(V): Management (L2 – L4)
NC(V): Office Administration (L2 – L4)
NC(V): Finance, Economics & Accounting (L2 – L4)
NC(V): Information Technology & Computer Science (L2 – L4)
Engineering Foundational Programme
NC(V): Civil Engineering & Building Construction (L2 – L4)
NC(V): Engineering & Related Design (L2 – L4)
NC(V): Electrical Infrastructure Construction (L2 – L4)
Carpentry & Roofing (N1 – N3)
Electrical (N1 – N3)
Plumbing (N1 – N3)
Masonry / Blicklaying (N1 – N3)
Water & Sanitation (N1 – N3)
Motor Body Repair (N1 – N3)
Motor Mechanic (N1 – N3)
Welding (N1 – N3)
Agriculture & Arts
National N-Diploma: Art & Design (N4 – N6)
National N-Diploma: Farming Management (N4 – N6)
NC(V): Primary Agriculture (L2 – L4)

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