nsfas banking 2023-2024

nsfas banking 2023-2024

nsfas banking 2023-2024


nsfas details 

The applicant’s banking information for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)
How can submit my Nsfas my bank account information? 
The above website demonstrates how to upload your bank account information.
To submit your bank details, go to https://mycard.fundi.co.za/ and select Upload Banking Details from the drop-down menu. 
Follow the prompts.
If your funds have not been placed onto your card, you should contact your institution’s Campus Financial Aid office.

How do I change my bank details with Nsfas?

How to make changes to your NSFAS account information:
Please visit nsfas.org.za and log in.
On the ‘already registered’ tab, please enter your username and password. 
Click the ‘sign in’ button.
Please go to ‘My Personal Details’ and update the inaccurate cell phone number with the correct one (the same can be done with other incorrect information)
Here you can also find the nsfas address.

Debit Order

This is an excellent option if you don’t want to worry about forgetting to pay your NSFAS loan every month. 
Simply fill out and submit the electronic debit order form. 
This significantly reduces your anxiety about repaying your NSFAS debt.

Open the electronic debit order form


Please complete and return this form to collections@nsfas.org.za.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If you would like to do an EFT each month these are our bank details.

Name of Account: NSFAS

Branch Code: 210554

Bank: First National Bank

Account Number: 500 600 28203

Please use your ID Number (6711165000000) as a reference when making payments

The following banks have added NSFAS as predefined beneficiary:





Just look for “NSFAS” in their list of beneficiaries

Salary Deduction

Your employer can make deductions from your income and pay it over to NSFAS.

Print and complete the form and submit to your employer.

Open the employer deduction form

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