Nsfas bursary application form download

Nsfas bursary application form downloadnsfas form pdf download

Nsfas bursary application form download

The National Student Financial Aid System (NSFAS) Act (Act 56 of 1999) established a government institution under the Department of Higher Education and Training to provide financial support to impoverished students who wish to continue their education at public universities or TVET institutes. Fortunately, NSFAS is open for TVET colleges, enabling thousands of students to continue their education.

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The mission statement is made up of three parts that explain why NSFAS exists and how it affects the constituency:

  • NSFAS exists to offer financial aid to qualified students at TVET colleges and public universities;
  • NSFAS identifies qualified students, provides bursaries and collects past student loan repayments to replenish the funds available for future generations of students; and,
  • NSFAS funds access to, and success in, higher education and training for students from underprivileged and working-class families who would otherwise not be able to afford to study.

When will NSFAS begin to fund TVET students?

Over the period of ten months, NSFAS allowances will be paid during the first week of each month.

How much does Nsfas pay students in TVET colleges?

NSFAS provides the following allowances to students:

  • Personal Care Allowance
    • All students funded by NSFAS get a personal allowance which is R2 900 per year.
  • Transport Allowance
    • If you live less than 40km away from the College, you’re eligible for the transport allowance and you’ll receive R7 350 per year.
  • Accommodation Allowance
    • For students who live in private accommodation more than 40 km from the College:
      • Students who live in rural areas receive R15 750 per year
      • Students who live in peri-urban areas receive R18 900 per year
      • Students who live in urban areas receive R25 200 per year
    • If students are residing in the College’s hostel accommodation, their accommodation allowance comes to R33 000 per year

How to Apply for nsfas tvet colleges

  1. Visit NSFAS Online Application 2023 portal: www.nsfas.org.za/apply-online-2023
  2. Then, you create your myNSFAS account
  3. After that, you click on the “Apply” tab on the NSFAS page
  4. Update all your NSFAS online Application 2023-2024 information.
  5. Upload your supporting documents
  6. Submit your application by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button

Where can I apply for funding for a TVET college?

You can apply through:

  • TVET college bursary offices
  • Online
  • NSFAS head office


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