tvet college jobs in kzn

tvet college jobs in kzn

tvet college jobs in kzn

tvet college jobs in kzn

KZN’s Coast In the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, TVET College is the largest institution. The college was founded after many colleges in the KwaZulu-Natal province merged. Adult learners, both unemployed and employed by local industry, out-of-school youngsters, and project-linked trainees, ranging from those with a poor academic background to those who have had opportunity to improve their educational level, are all served by the College. The college currently employs roughly 15,000 full-time students and 800 full-time employees.

Courses Offered

Coastal KNZ TVET College offers a wide range of courses under the following fields of study that addresses the socio-economic needs of the community:

  • Engineering Studies
  • Business Studies
  • General Studies
  • Skills Progammes


Coastal KZN TVET College comprises of the following branches/campuses with adequate and stable facilities for teaching and learning:

  • Appelsbosch Campus
  • As-salaam Satellite Campus
  • Durban Campus
  • Swinton Campus
  • UMbumbulu Campus
  • UMlazi-BB Campus
  • UMlazi-V Campus
  • Ubuhle Bogu Campus (kwaQiko)
  • Tooling Centre of Excellence
  • CKZN Occupational Skills Training & Testing Centre
  • Enterprise Development Unit
  • The Training Academy

Coastal KZN TVET College Vacancies

The following are the required documents need to apply for vacancy in the college:

  • Completed Application Form (Z83).
  • Original Certified Copies of ID as well as Valid driverā€™s license.
  • Original certified copies of all certificates.
  • Detailed CV with at least 2 recent contactable references.
  • Certified copies of Grade 12 qualification, academic records/transcripts. Also, Transcripts are compulsory for people applying for academic posts.

Tvet College Jobs In Kzn

The following are the available vacancies in Coastal KZN TVET College:

Moreover, submit complete vacancy application to the nearest branch or campus. You also contact the Central Administration Office for where to submit your form

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