Tvet colleges around gauteng

Tvet colleges around gauteng

Tvet colleges around gauteng

Tvet colleges around gauteng


Gauteng is one of the nine provinces of South Africa. The name in Sotho-Tswana languages means “place of gold”. Situated on the High veld, Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa. Though Gauteng accounts for only 1.5% of the country’s land area, it is home to more than a quarter of its population. This small but beautiful province can boast of eight (8) TVET Colleges to its credit. Gauteng TVET Colleges has been accredited by the Departments of Higher Education and Training in South Africa. The colleges have been instituted to provide quality education to pupils in the province, and to bring out every skill in them to the development of the area and South Africa as a whole.

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  Eligibility Requirements

All the tvet colleges in the Gauteng province accepts students from all over the world provided you meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

  • National Identification card for South African citizens.
  • A passport for international students.
  • A stay permit (for international students)
  • A working cell number.
  • A working and unique email address.

   How To Apply For A Tvet College In Gauteng

Since the Tvets Colleges in Gauteng was instituted to offer educational help to the province they found themselves and the world at large, entering into them is very simple. Follow the following easy steps on how to apply.

Copy Certified of latest school report/statement of result / Grade 9 or higher / GET Certificate / ABET Level 4 Certificate / N1 / A Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to meet the requirements for access

  • 3 certified copies of ID of Learner
  • 3 certified copies of ID of Parent/Legal Guardian
  • One ID size photo

Applicants will undergo a placement test before submitting an application for the programme of their interest. The placement test takes place in September every year and students need to book in advance in order to write the test.

Advertisements for placement test booking dates can be found on the college website, local newspapers and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). An ID and Proof of Booking will be required on the day of the placement test.

Applicants will undergo two tests on the day. A numeracy and language (English) test. The pass mark for each test is 50%. Students will only receive results 5-10 days after the test date. Students need to pass both tests in order to be issued an application form.

If you are interested in pursuing any one of the Engineering qualifications you need to have passed pure Mathematics in the grade passed.

     List Of Tvet Colleges In Gauteng

The Gauteng province of South Africa can boast of eight(8) Tvets Colleges which are as follows:

  • Central Johannesburg TVET College
  • Ekurhuleni East TVET College
  • Ekurhuleni West TVET College
  • Sedibeng TVET College
  • South West Gauteng TVET
  • Tshwane North TVET College
  • Tshwane South TVET College
  • Western TVET College

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   Courses Offered At Tvet Colleges In Gauteng:

In other to shape skills and bring out potentials, the Tvet Colleges in Gauteng has aligned many courses and programs for its students.

  • Certificate in Art and Design(Art and Design)
  • Certificate in Cosmetology(Cosmetology)
  • Certificate in Business Management(Business Management)
  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Certificate in Electronics Engineering(Electronics Engineering)
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)
  • Certificate in Management(Management )
  • Certificate in Marketing(Marketing)
  • Certificate in Financial Management(Financial Management)
  • Certificate in Music Performance (Music Performance )
  • Certificate in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Certificate in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  • Certificate in Office Administration(Office Administration)
  • Certificate in Hospitality(Hospitality )
  • Certificate in Motor Trade(Motor Trade)
  • Certificate in Travel and Tourism(Travel and Tourism)
  • Certificate in Clothing Production(Clothing Production)
  • Certificate in Hair Care(Hair Care)
  • Certificate in Building and Civil Engineering(Building and Civil Engineering)
  • Certificate in Boiler Making()
  • Certificate in Finance Economics and Accounting()
  • Certificate in Studio Work

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