uj nsfas 2023-2024

uj nsfas 2023-2024

uj nsfas

uj nsfas 2023-2024

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) shares the cosmopolitan Johannesburg, the city that bears its name, in terms of pace and intensity. The institution is proudly South African, and it is well-prepared to play a part in realizing the potential of higher education for Africa’s development. With a student population of over 50 000, including more than 3000 international students from 80 countries, UJ has evolved into a diverse, inclusive, transformational, and collegial institution. From the 26 public universities that make up South Africa’s higher education system, UJ is one of the major contact institutions in the country.

The University of Johannesburg’s mission is to be “an international university of choice, rooted in Africa, and dynamically influencing the future.” “Inspiring its community to alter and serve humanity through innovation and the collaborative pursuit of knowledge,” the mission states. Four values underpin these: imagination, discourse, regeneration, and ethical grounding.The six strategic objectives serve as a focus for achieving the University’s Vision, Mission, and Values, as stated above. They also constitute a reworking of the original UJ Strategic Thrusts 2020 in the context of the University’s wider orientation as “The Pan-African” Centre for Critical Intellectual Inquiry, with the primary goal of achieving worldwide excellence and prominence.

Are you a UJ student or planning to join UJ and want to know if NSFAS will cover the cost of your studies? Continue reading to learn if they do, as well as what services they provide.

So, do they provide financial assistance to students at the University of Johannesburg (UJ)?

Yes, they do, and as of March 3, 2022, NSFAS approved 15 564 UJ students to register for the 2022 academic year, according to a statement made by UJ.

Students who are supported by the NSFAS will get the following:

Allowance for textbooks and other learning resources once off-book (usually up to R5200 per year)
Allowance for meals (usually R15 000 paid over 10 months)
For students who are remaining at home, there is a travel allowance (usually R7500 paid over 10 months)
Accommodation allowance for students staying in privately owned student housing at the University of Johannesburg. (In most cases, up to R40 000 is paid over ten months)

How to Apply for uj NSFAS

  1. Visit NSFAS Online Application 2022 portal: www.nsfas.org.za/apply-online-2022
  2. Then, you create your myNSFAS account
  3. After that, you click on theApply tab on the NSFAS page
  4. Update all your NSFAS online Application 2022-2023 information.
  5. Upload your supporting documents
  6. Submit your application by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button

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